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Develop a simple structured blended learning solution to your talent developmend needs incorporating the best of short form video and workshops.

A Fully Integrated Talent Development Strategy

ADEPT™ Talent and Skills Development


Cadenza leverages Mutiny Consulting's ADEPT™ framework to work across departments and divisions to increase talent and skills development, inspire innovation and drive success.


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A Simple Structured Modular Approach

ADEPT™ offers a modular approach to developing a comprehensive internal talent development strategy. It allows our partners to assess their business and apply our expertise where it delivers the most effective results. Alternatively we can progress through a five stage ongoing process for the most comprehensive outcomes.


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Working with internal assets and resources we develop programmes that allow teams to understand the overall corporate goals, the structure of the organisation, and the expectations we have of  colleagues.

A five step approach to developing digital marketing skills

Working with industry experts and trade bodies, we ensure that  teams not only understand the industry fundamentals of their own roles, but also the background of the roles performed by colleagues, and when to defer and delegate key activities.

Working with senior level executives
and key customers in a workshop environment, we develop exceptional cross departmental and international understanding, constantly seeking out opportunities and structures for collaboration.

Working in a workshop environment
with internal talent from all levels of the organisation, we develop patterns of thought and approaches to problem solving that make the business unique, and achieve stand out from competitors.

Working with departmental heads and subject matter experts we develop best practice approaches and establish frameworks for teams to execute their day to day business using world class techniques.

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