Inspiring Talent with Market Makers

Create a World Class Portfolio

Build a powerful business proposition in short form video that communicates the vision, credibility and capability
of your core talent

High Impact Short Form Executive Video Profiles

"All of us need to understand the importance of branding.
We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc.
To be in business today, our most important job
is to be head marketer for the brand called you."

Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence

The Market Makers Solution

Cadenza's Market Maker Format is purpose-built
to deliver valuable, high quality video assets
to support the vision,  ambition and business goals
of time-pressed senior business executives.

In less that two hours we deliver intensive media and
business coaching, establish talking points and key messages
and shoot an engaging and accessible interview format
that gets the best out of our clients.

We output both a single long form video of up to 5 minutes
and a series of subject specific shorts - ideal for publishing
on corporate platforms and social media profiles.

Videos are provided broadcast ready within 24 hours
of the shoot - or even earlier if time permits!

Business is a 'People' Game


84% of buyers start with a referral

65% of buyers trust online information about people

53% of buyers eliminate suppliers without online information


Customer Acquisition is a Team Game


Employees have 10 times more online followers than companies

Company messages from employees get shared 24 times more

Brand messages shared by employees get 6 times more reach

Content shared by employees has 8 times more engagement

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Ask us about Market Makers

We'd love to help you create a series of profiling videos for you and your team.

Drop us a quick line and ask us
what we can do to help.

Authoritative, Credible and Accessible Values

Creating a World Class Asset

A combination of stylish venues, clear direction,
great videography and crystal clear audio
allows our Market Maker talent
to deliver inspiring and well structure content
in an effective, engaging format.


Style Guide: Linkedin Power Profiles 2015

For reference only - (c) LinkedIn 2015

A Compelling and Stimulating Production Environment

"For better or for worse, our company
is a reflection of my thinking, my character, my values."

Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation

At Cadenza we believe that exceptional video content is about more than a moving image.

We focus on the values and the key messages. We craft narrative structures that communicate capability and demonstrate a vision.

This means so much more than lights, camera, action; it's about using our experience and our skills to work closely with our clients and draw out those hidden commercial gems.

A Compelling Proposition

We work closely with our talent to help them
establish and refine their vision and their mission,
and to focus on those elements which contribute
most effectively to their video profile.

We review the key communications
in terms of capability, contribution and accessibility
to create a clear compelling personal proposition
that informs and inspires their central message.

Core Messages

We work with talent to review how their career, both outside and inside the company has given them the opportunity to achieve their goals.

We support them in creating the conversational case studies and anecdotes that illustrate the challenges they have faced, the solutions they have identified and the success they have achieved.

We explore the lessons they have learned and the insights they can offer to clients and colleagues in achieving their own ambitions.

World Class Production Values

We shoot interviews in high definition output that places our talent in the best possible light,
ensuring the quality of the production
supports the value of their experiences.

Market leading shotgun microphones
positioned on a boom in close proximity
to the speaker means we get the best possible
audio experience devoid of the muffle and rustle
of lavaliers and annoying studio echo.

HD and Web-Ready Output

Cadenza provide a world class post production facility that allows us to provide an all in one video solution supported by simple motion graphics that takes us from concept to platform ready output in a matter of minutes.

We provide full high definition and web ready video output within 24 hours and deliver it digitally direct to the talent.

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